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Signed Book of ‘Turkish Style In Convincing’ (Türk İşi İkna)
‘Türk İşi İkna’ which is the new book of writer Erdem Karagöz who gives trainings at the areas of Sales and Convincing; is waiting for the readers who want to develop their convincing methods. If you want to make a business roadmap and set up communication strategies to convince Turks, please keep reading. You should read this book.

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Online Trainings

 ONLINE TRAININGS, approximately 60 minute’s free and paid special trainings prepared by Mr Erdem Karagöz and his team, are waiting for you.Please fill the form to attend our personal and corporate trainings in the areas of sales, communication and convincing. You can contact us to get more information and to follow the works special to our members.We are ready to cooperate you for certified trainings and corporate works.

Sales Convincing Trainings, Corporate Trainings

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Phone number: 0(212) 999-0888

Mobile Phone: 0(530) 108-0053


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For the requests of summit, conferance and organisation with Kevin Hogan in Turkey, you can contact us. Call 0532 276 40 91 for all the details. 

Mr. Erdem Karagöz


We ask for you to review 10 topics while placing room at your 2017 Corporate Training Catalogue.  Here are our answers for the questions of why us.

  1. We enter your place of worship at corporate trainings. We learn your secrets. Therefore, we  make an annuel agreement with only one company in the same sector. For example, we only work with TÜRK TELEKOM in the sector of telecommunication and GSM. We don’t work with another companies in this industry.
  2. We never enter ego conflicts at trainings. We tell the attendants at the beginning of the trainings that we are servants. As an excellent listener, we give feedbacks to the company during the training. All the attendants can interrupt us and contribute by their questions and ideas at any moment of the trainings. We break the ice in very short time to be interactive.
  3. Trainings are given by both Mr. Erdem Karagöz and Ms Fatoş Kanıtemiz at the same time as a couple. This action enables the attendants to be interested in the game all day.
  4. We ask all the attendants what they would do as different or would never do if they are the CEO of the company/foundation, (if they own the company/foundation) in each trainings. Thus, we want them to think in the name of the company. We want them to reply the subtitles of the questions as a customer, CEO, rivalries and by considering the market. The attendants start to think in the name their company starting from that moment. We teach 3 behaviour changes technically at the end of every trainings. We make dramatizations for the technics to be build and we start to follow in the training.
  5. According to the reasearchs, extrinsic motivation influence of the training is 72 hours. We find the ways for cultivating intrinsic motivation and explain how to motivate yourself consistently by the technics.
  6. We work at the field which is related to our industry. We perceive and learn very fast. We observe its passions, weak points and resistances. We convert the question of ‘why to do’ into ‘how to do’.
  7. Our job is to appeal the lives of employees and to make them enjoy at work. We always develop ourselves to cultivate the companies’ passion of learning and to enable e change of the behaviour by enjoying.  We also search for the answers of the question of ‘HOW AND WHAT CAN I MAKE BETTER?’
  8. We agree 100% with privacy policy of the companies.
  9. In the year of 2016, we are purchased by reputable companies of Turkey for 210 days out of 240 on which we can provide live trainings physically,  30 days are reserved for summits and other organizations. We work for a long time with our customers in their business lives.

If you would like to add extra ordinary trainings to your 2017 training catalogue, we will be honoured to be with at our first acquaintance meeting


DANCING ON ICE (Sales Trainings)







Corporate Trainings


About Us

Dear friends, I would like to say welcome with all my heart.  I promiss that you won’t see me anymore, if I lose my belief of change and excitement. I know that the best way to learn is to teach. Therefore, I enjoy to learn new subjects everyday. I provide new trainings placing at our our 2017 catalogue. My professional area of specialization is “sales and convincing”. I know my place except these areas. As Erdem Karagöz Akademi; as Erdem Karagöz and Ms Fatoş Kanıtemiz, we are at your service via our mutual trainings.

I question, make modeling and learn to bring the point of view that ordinary people can do extraordinary workpieces at your company. I work for long termed projects and prepare original trainings for the most important and special companies of the country.

I created trainings by reading 7650 articles, approximately 350 books and by watching 42 know how trainings, 80 Turkish trainers and 720 hour time of video records. (We continue to learn with passion.) Above all, we listened to the requests. We asked approximately 1000 people that what they wonder about sales. We worked with CEOs and learned their expectations and wants. Our team mates sold flowers. We earned by making sales during 24 hours without having any money and credit card. We supplied the needs of a poor person. We earned our expences of the hotel and food& beverage.

I provided both training and coaching in the most aggressive markets of Turkey. My target of each training is the change of 3 attitudes after trainings.

We perform trainings in 4 steps. 

1. Firstly, we explain.

2. We make them apply – Simulation ( They watch via video records.)

3. We encourage other attendants to criticize and to participate.

4. We want all the attendants to evaluate themselves. We evaluate. Then we make another video record after written and oral feedback. We explain the development and the difference.

We provide demo trainings for ISO 500 Companies. We can send our reference informations by the mail. If you request, we can plan annual trainings by setting a meeting of defining needs. If the differences you are searching for are development and to do extraordinary workpieces with ordinary people, we are ready to serve you.

In addition to corporations, we provide trainings in the hotels at İstanbul, Bursa and İzmir via the sales channel of Biletix. We share these ones in the events calendar. Sales professionals and managers from each company, can attend Biletix trainings.

We are ready to serve you by our sales trainings, online sales, convincing, convincing psychology, call center trainings, being a team mate, corporate culture, corporate perception management and special solutions for your company. You can follow us for personal development and change of an attitude.

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The training of dancing on ice is a workshop for 2 days. The needs are defined before the training. Sales notes are sent to the sales team. Unique ares of working are defined. Intensive workshops are made in the areas which should be dwelled of and which the company wants for the change. It’s worked specifically for each company. We do business according to 100% privacy policy. It’s very useful for all the attendants of the workshop to participate the training in a interactive way. Human brain can perceive a visual 60.000 times faster tha a text. Therefore the training is provided completely visual and practical.

Written feedbacks are given to the company for each attendant. DANCING ON ICE involves changes of an attitude, technics which enable your sales specialists to have a different point of view and which enables your company to get ahead of rivals in aggressive markets. The training is provided by Communication Specialist and Coach Ms. Fatoş Kanıtemiz and Mr. Erdem Karagöz, the writer of the book naming convincing In Turkish Style (Türk İşi İkna) as mutually.

4 parts as 2 days are completely practiced as workshop. Feedbacks are shared.



Physchical preparation (Action comes before emotion)

Mental preparation (Plan and live)

Spiritual preparation (You are precious as much as you value yourself)

Practice of Intrinsic motivation journey

To be free from routine matters and taking the right and quick decision under pressure Retention of old customers

Methods of gaining new customers

Reference chain

Selling more to the old customers

Methods of enabling customer to work


The meeting which you are late to, the meeting which the customer canceled at the last moment, to be ready for the day after a sleepless night, visiting customers after too bad news, ( visiting the customer after learning from another person that you are fired) after a good and successful agreement visiting a customer who has low budget, customer, practicing ways of intrinsic motivation, telling a secret campaign to old customers, making the old customer earn by your promises, making old customer to feel as irreplaceable and special, cross sales to old customers, following reference chain, marking customers, make old customers to work, participating customers into the game, finding new customers, importance of first impression for the new customer  




Appealing customers’ determination to win and fear of losing.

Building needs, enabling to notice them

Showing rivalry in aggressive markets

To be on customers’ side during 7 days and 24 hours and making faithfulness

Chain of professional relationship

Gaining self-confidence when customers reject

Sustainable communication of trust


The game of why I should learn English,  why I don’t think to buy now. Selling Murat 124 in dates from 1976 to an owner of a Porsche. Can you write by using your both of hands? Gaining trust again after cheating your darling, selling in spite of the fact that the customer knows you sell expensive, practice of building up trust, reassuring customers who don’t want to give an appointment, practices of feeling important when you are rejected.




Perceive and react

What do customers want now?

What will customers want in future?

Point of view, resistances and habits of customers,

Representing system of customers

Management of the moment of interaction

The power of listening in convincing. Listening 85%, talking 15%

25 convincing questions and sub questions

Weak points of convincing

42 methods to convince

Either give a catchy offer or break all of resistances


Practices of perceiving in the game and reaction reflex, connecting with customers mentally and by body language, interaction of the moment of sales, perceiving the needs and emotion of the customer who says no, practice of ‘we don’t want to see you anymore’, habits, practice of changing period, breaking resistance of rivals without discrediting, the miracle of strong questions in convincing, practicing of listening, convincing is not a connate skill, weak points of convincing, the importance of preparation in convincing.




Customers don’ take objection,  they communicate to buy

Challenging to a customer who doesn’t object

Understanding the reason of objection

To focus on customers and to shut down your mind

Closing sales in presentation

Sorting in closing sales

Personal sales closing

Sales closing, readind body language immediately

Body language of the people who decided


Focusing customers completely, to be free of pressures when there are objections, to understand the customer who objects, to manage objections as habit, challenging customers who don’t object, game of closing sales, sales like a painless tooth extraction, personal sales closing, how to change buying decisions, following for 21 days of business incubation

Satış İknası

Sales Convincing

We meet your training expectations 100% . Trainers share their experiences of field. The main target of the training is changes of 3 attitudes. The training involves conceptualism and practical informations not theoretical. 1 training, 2 trainer:

Trainers : Mr. Erdem KARAGÖZ and Ms Fatoş KANITEMİZ

In the morning Breakfast Before the Training and meeting with people 09.30-10.00

2 Cafe Breaks Open Buffet Lunch, Closing Coctail

The book of ‘Turkish Style in Convincing’ (Türk İşi İkna) signed by its writer of Mr. Erdem Karagöz – 50 paged Training notes Special gifts for each customer, 2 domestic flying tickets as gifts for 2 attendants

Training application; Each simulation is firstly explained by trainers and the attendants perform their applications immediately. It’s recorded as a video and evaluated by a group. Trainers make explanations and written feedback is given at the end of the training.

4 analysises and unique simulations from the field


Sales person’s preparing him/herself for the sales (First impression in 7 seconds, How will you place in emotional memory? To be free of the question of why, firstly action then emotion, self-image, self-esteem management, being precious, management of attitude, place of comfort, to be rejected and the will of gaining )


Sales person’s technics of finding most valuable customers and retention of them. What do customers want? How does a customer enquiry made? Technics of taking an appointment,  selling more to the same customers, first sales, methods of taking references from customers, main problems of customers and ways of solutions.


If a customer objects, it’s the signal of buying. The customers who do not object, don’t buy. Effective listening to manage objections, tactics of asking strong questions, benefiting visuality, connecting with customers, anger management and to be the winner.


(Signals of closing sales, sustainable convincing technics, salami technique, to perceive customers’ priorities, feedback, using hypnotic language in sales closing, power of silence and ending the meeting by selling)

Written feedback with 20 questions - Tips of convincing

Reviewing questionnaires

Giving certificates at cocktails

The fee of personal attendance is 349 Turkish Liras.

You can contact us for you corporate training requests. You can follow our Biletix sales channel and the events calendar for the requests of personal trainings. 0 532 276 40 91

Çatışma Yönetimi ve İkna

Conflict Management and Convincing

The training of Conflict Management and Convincing is provided as corporate through mutual presentation of Communication Specialist Ms. Fatoş Kanıtemiz and Mr. Erdem Karagöz who is the writer of the book, Convincing In Turkish Style (Türk İşi İkna)

What is conflict? How is conflict management done?

Anger management under pressure

Conflict and Corporate Image

Conflict and Personal Image

Identifying customer needs

Anger management

Emotional memory management

7 seconds to make the first image

Practice of stress

Understanding customers

Superior-subordinate and conflict management

Point of view of the third eye.

View of life and happiness

Management of conflicting customer

Conflict management in social life

Games-Videos- Feedback

(Neler öğreneceğiz?)

What will we learn?

  • How do the values are developed?  To make an investment to the established brand
  • Journey to perfection in sales
  • Successful sales principles
  • The methods of taking up references
  • Methods of retention and finding customers
  • Threshold of winning, to persist with sales
  • Turn ‘no’ into ‘yes’
  • Small differences, big returns.
  • Signals of closing sales
  • The sales starts when it’s said ‘No’
  • Sales management via very strong questions
  • To be the winner/Supporting person to win

What will be changed after this sales training?

  • Your threshold of success will get higher. You will feel as a winner.
  • Your emotional performance and conception of discipline will change.
  • You will learn how to change people’s feelings, thoughts, expectations and beliefs.
  • You will coach people by becoming source of inspiration

The fee of personal attendance is 349 Turkish Liras. Promotions are made in certain periods.

You can contact us for you corporate training requests. You can follow our Biletix sales channel and the events calendar for the requests of personal trainings. 0 532 276 40 91

Training of Real-estate Sales

  • Gaining Personal and Corporate Confidence
  • To be the person sought after in perception management
  • First impression in 7 seconds to convince
  • Unwritten rules of sales
  • Sales convincing by strong questions
  • 7 methods in real-estate sales
  • Location sales
  • Convincing of partners
  • Corporate Sales
  • Sales of a project
  • Have the contracts signed
  • Taking commissions
  • Operating references
  • Comprehension of customers
  • The secrets of cooperation (Working with others)
  • Social media management
  • Following the customers who say ‘no’
  • Sales by your personal trademark

Mr. Erdem KARAGÖZ is the writer of the book, ‘Convincing in  Turkish Style’ (Türk İşi İkna)

You can contact us for you corporate training requests. You can follow our Biletix sales channel and the events calendar fort he requests of personal trainings. 0 532 276 40 91



Here is a new training by Mr. Erdem Karagöz who is the writer of book, ‘Convincing in Turkish’ (Türk İşi İkna)

You will have an experience which will touch your interactive, colourful, hyperactive and warm life. You will control your feelings and develop your convincing skills in both of your Professional and social life. Your point of view will change.

Come on; We are waiting for you. Your place is ready...

You should learn what you can do in reality via the first impression in 7 seconds.

Are you curious about the 7 methods of convincing?

We promiss that you will learn how the emotional memory works for the persons and corporations.

Buy your Ticket immediately to keep away from prejudices.

Learn the magical words of convincing and try immediately.

The methods of being a listener like a psychologist and being free from the egos, are provided in this training.

The method of changing decisions’ of others without any suggestion, is also waiting for you.

In addition, you will learn sustainable convincing by this training and your life will become increadibly easy. You will become different, your followers will increase and others will work for your targets. You will go into self esteem and notice that you are a very important person. You will change others’ emotions, thoughts, expectations and needs. Specific questions will be replied and practices will be performed for your new road map.

Which Team Should We Support?

Sales and Call Center Training On The Phone

Corporate Training;

Ms. Fatoş Kanıtemiz who is communication specialist,  is on your side through the training of " Sales and Call Center Training On The Phone"

Ms Fatoş Kanıtemiz shares her field experiences and interactive training at the stage. You will win more than others by understanding voice of customers, power of silence, efficient listening on the phone and hypnotic messages.

The Content Of The Training:
- Taking 100% responsibility, making an end of excuses
- Sustainable sales convincing
- Convincing in sales by the method of consultant
- How to gain confidence
- Methods of finding customers and customer retention by convincing.
- How to change a decision
- Turn ‘no’ into ‘yes’
- To feel self-esteemed
- How to convince yourself
- Magic words in convincing
- The words not to be used in convincing.
- Convincing methods in closing sales.
- Understanding body language and convincing by body language
- Talking on the phone, breath control
- Comprehension of the customer and the voice on the phone
- Practice of effective listening on the phone
- Magic words on the phone
- Hypnotic language and messages on the phone
- Methods of making an appointment on the phone
- 7 seconds to make first impression on the phone
- Convincing methods on the phone
- Power of silence on the phone
- Sales practice on the phone

What will be changed after this training?
- Your threshold of success will get higher. You will feel as a winner.
- Your emotional performance and conception of discipline will change.
- You will learn how to change people’s feelings, thoughts, expectations and beliefs.
- You will coach people by becoming source of inspiration
- You will enable your customers to be developed.
- You will develop yourself for instrict motivation. 

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